We are hiring an Executive Assistant!

We are looking for the right person to fill a key position with our young and in-demand company. We need help preparing financial statements, reports, memos, invoices letters, and other documents; answering phones and routing calls to the correct person or taking messages; handling basic bookkeeping tasks; filing and retrieving corporate records, documents, and reports. 

Click the button below to download the complete job description and compensation offered.

Candidates are asked to email a resume and 3 references to admin@phillykelsey.co.

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Thank you to everyone who has shown their support so far to our growing boutique firm and “liked” and/or “followed” us on there, we greatly appreciate it. If you haven’t yet, please do as that’s one way we continue to stay in touch and update everyone as to what’s happening in the City of Philadelphia and with Philly Kelsey & Co. as a company!

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BLM Response: Your Resources, Delivered by Philly Kelsey & Co.

We want to extend our support and respect to the members of our community who are currently standing against the inhumane treatment of people of color in Philadelphia and across the country. We are outraged at the murder of George Floyd and our deepest condolences go out to his family and to those who have lost loved ones due to hate and racism. Neither hate nor racism has a place in our city or anywhere in this country. We stand against all forms of racism, bigotry, and violence, and a statue to commemorate the late Mayor Rizzo, who urged supporters to “Vote White” while running for a third term (NY Times 1978), undermines our values. 

We are participating in #BlackoutTuesday in support of giving a stronger voice to those who NEED to be heard. We are listening. We stand for Black Lives Matter and peaceful protesting. However, we do not stand for the individuals who using this movement as an opportunity to commit acts of violence in our beloved city. 

Philly Kelsey & Co. is a young business located in the heart of Philadelphia. As such, we have a personal vestment in the safety of other small, local businesses that were already struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Several of our retail clients have been particularly impacted, and the latest developments have caused more challenges that must be dealt with.

Though Philly Kelsey & Co. has been working remotely, our business takes place in the heart of Philadelphia with our office located at 1635 Market Street and the Municipal Services Building. Over the past several days, we have become profoundly aware that numerous neighboring small businesses have experienced severe property damage, and we want to use our (albeit small) platform to help as much as we can.

We’ve found and organized valuable resources that we want to share to ensure you receive the assistance you need to reestablish your business here in Center City, Fishtown, South Philly, down City Avenue, all of West Philadelphia and all neighboring areas.

First and foremost: DOCUMENT EVERYTHING. 

Take photos, make notes, and file a police report – have it on record, just in case your insurance or whomever you’re applying to for help requires proof of damage. This may also be used to help verify the costs lost.

You may also contact the City of Philadelphia’s Department of Commerce through its special hotline between the hours of 7:00AM – 6:00PM by phone 215-683-2100 or by e-mail: business@phila.gov.

You may find more information at the following link: https://6abc.com/philadelphia-protest-philly-today-pa/6225243/. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy. We’re Philly Strong.

~Philly Kelsey & Co.

“Picking Up Where the City Left Off”