Services & FAQs

The Licensed Expediter’s primary role is to be the messenger, the in-between between the permit requestor (Owner, Architect, GC, or Tradesperson) and the Department of Licenses & Inspections. To do this job efficiently, we maintain positive relationships with government employees and understand the current operational procedures for filing a variety of permit types, certifications, or licenses. It is of primary importance because, as a government mediator, we know what needs to be done and who to ask for when it comes to keeping the permitting process moving forward.

Objectives for our position on your project team:

  • Be a resource for city contacts
  • Obtain correct information for clients
  • Connect information between city departments
  • Free up time for the project team

Commercial and Residential Real Estate Business Services: 

  • Violations
  • Unsafe and Imminently Dangerous 
  • Revenue Tax Systems
  • Penalties and Waivers
  • Tax Abatements
  • Correcting Address Issues
  • Property Licenses
  • Utility and Water Main Connections 
  • Legalizing Existing Buildings
  • Zoning Permits
  • Construction Permits
  • Fire Suppression Permits
  • Sidewalk or Street Closure
  • Out-of-state Trade Licenses 
  • Special Occupancy
  • Permanent or Temporary Signage
  • Complete Demolition

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is Philly Kelsey & Co.?

We are Philadelphia local, licensed expediters and professionals, including our entire network of clients that we refer projects to, that is, if they are in line with how we do business and are known to get the job done – quickly. 

  1.  What is a Licensed Expediter and what do they do?

Licensed Expediting is a great way to save time, money, and take some stress off your plate, by delegating the paperwork portion of your work to us!  You sign a contract that states you’re allowing us to file and speak on your behalf about your project, license status, & subcontractors to the City. We manage the permits of your project until the paperwork is complete and your permit/ certificate/ license is issued. As a courtesy, we retain all paperwork and approved permits for your retrieval at any time. We have a duty to complete the project in the most efficient way we know of based on the resources we have available at the time of your project. 

  1. What type of projects can we hire Philly Kelsey & Co for?

We do not discriminate which projects we file as long as they fall into one of these categories: Permits, Certifications, Licenses, Tax Compliance, Right-of-Way Encroachments, Utility Connections (including tapping to the water main), and Out-of-State Insurance for Licenses; and are compliant according to state and city regulation. Our most unique and specialized service is facilitating the donation of reusable building materials during the Demolition Phase. Demolition is a particular area of interest as our city moves to regulate sustainable measures for waste disposal and divert resources that benefit the environment and community – backed by substantial IRS incentives for the property owner. 

  1. What is eCLIPSE and why do I need to submit my application through it?

eCLIPSE stands for Electronic Commercial Licensing & Inspections Software Enterprise used by the City of Philadelphia’s Department of Licenses & Inspections. While this was merely an option of convenience before the City shut down due to COVID-19, it is now the only solution to obtain the proper legal requirements for your residential, commercial and retail projects.  Some applications are more efficient when filed in person at the Municipal Services Building, so upon reopening, we will certainly make the best judgment according to what you need done: whether we file in-person or digitally using eCLIPSE.

  1. I created my eCLIPSE account, now what?

Great!  Now, we need to associate your account to projects you’re currently working on and other professionals you’ve engaged to do the work. 

  1. I’m a Contractor and want to talk about how Philly Kelsey & Co. can help me with this project I’m working on.

Great!  We work with all kinds of contractors and trade professionals. Please fill out this form so we can contact you or feel free to call us directly so we can start our process. The information requested in this form allows our team to take preliminary measures to research public records that pertain to your project address so that we can speak intelligently about your needs. Filing out this form is the quickest way for us to get you on-boarded as a client and on the fast track of generating a plan of attack so we can get the job done quickly.

  1. I’m a property owner and I am interested in donating materials from its demolition.

That’s wonderful!  We at Philly Kelsey & Co. are excited about materials being recycled back into our community and given new life.  Plus, by tasking us with this, we will assist you in finding the most “bang for your buck” in your Tax Abatement process, which includes: a Building Permit, Tax Abatement Qualifier Report, Tax Abatement Application, & Record Transfer (Risk Management)!

  1. What’s the quickest way to get my project done?

Why, by hiring us – of course! 😉

  1. Do you have more information about eCLIPSE and how to navigate these issues?

We do! Visit our YouTube Channel: Philly Kelsey & Co. to gain access to videos designed to help you stay informed, help troubleshoot eCLIPSE, and supply strategies in general for filing with the City of Philadelphia.

  1. How can I get started with Philly Kelsey & Co.?

Call or text us at 215-650-6449 or send us an email at We only need basic information to begin our due diligence process and if we need more detail to complete our findings, we won’t hesitate to reach out. Our office is located at Comporth Inc which is fully-staffed to accommodate larger and more complex projects.